Liberty Pen: FBN’s John Stossel: U.S. Senator Rand Paul on Cutting Government

Rand Paul

Source: Liberty Pen: FBN’s John Stossel: U.S. Senator Rand Paul on Cutting Government

Just from this clip in this video Senator Rand Paul as President Rand Paul, if that ever happens, would cut about one-hundred-forty-six-billion-dollars a year. Which to anyone who lets says makes sixty-thousand-dollars a year and has maybe ten-thousand in the bank, sure! That sounds like a lot of money and would be a lot of money to that person. But welcome to Washington! Where they now speak in terms of hundreds of billions of dollars and now trillions of dollars. Where the Federal budget alone is four-trillion-dollars a year. The budget deficit is somewhere around four-hundred-billion-dollars, which again normally on planet Earth that would sound like a lot of money. But sometimes Washington, especially Congress looks nothing like planet Earth.

The Department’s of Education, Commerce, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, whatever you think of them and other than Commerce, I have real issues with each of them, these departments aren’t the reasons for the budget deficit. And eliminating Federal education funding completely and things like public housing, you could argue which actually hurt the economy and add to the deficit. Because that money keeps low-income people in homes and low-income school districts from having to layoff teachers. The famous bank robber Billy The Kid was once asked the brilliant question of why does he rob banks? Where he gave an obvious answer to that and said, because that’s where the money is.

The main reasons for the budget deficit and national debt right now, have to do with the Great Recession, which we never completely recovered from, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that both went on the national debt card and our looming retirement crisis thanks to the Baby Boomers when it comes to Social Security and Medicare and you add our bloated tax code and the overall military budget as well. I use the Billy The Kid line because what I just laid out is where the money is when it comes to our national deficit and debt. You don’t have a serious budget deficit plan without addressing those areas of the Federal budget. As well as having an economic plan that produces stronger economic growth with more people working with good jobs.

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