Blog For Arizona: The So-Called Religious Liberty Aka License to Discriminate Legal Fight: The Best Argument For Separation of Church and State

Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky

Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky

Source: Blog For Arizona:The So-Called Religious Liberty Aka License to Discriminate Legal Fight

The whole Kim Davis same-sex marriage vs. so-called religious liberty case in Kentucky, is the best case for Separation of Church and State that I’ve ever seen in this country. The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are the best cases worldwide for Separation of Church and State. If Clerk Kim Davis doesn’t want to serve part of the public, then she shouldn’t have a government job. Government, is open for the public and that included gays who are obviously people and part of the public. Even in a third-world backwards state like Kentucky where not everyone there is able to go to and finish school. She should instead go to the Kentucky hills, or someplace and work as a coal miner. Or get a job at a Kentucky beer, or whisky factory, or someplace in the private sector.

Kim Davis could volunteer for the Mike Huckabee campaign for president and what’s left of it. And spread the gospel and evils as they see it of homosexuality and add to the list of states that Mike Huckabee will either lose, or won’t even have the resources to compete in. She could work for her church and talk about the importance of religious liberty, again as they see it. But once you’re open for the public as government offices are, you’re responsible for serving the public. Same-sex marriage is now legal in Kentucky. Gay couples have the same right to get married in Kentucky as straight couples. And if she has a problem with that she wouldn’t work for Rowan County Government, or any government in Kentucky and instead move onto the private sector.

Kim Davis, is now looking at real jail time and putting her family and herself through hell for simply not doing her job. She’s under a state order from the Governor and now court orders in Kentucky, to either do her job and serve the whole public, or go to jail. She has no legal authority to deny gay couples marriage licenses simply because her religious views sees homosexuality as a sin. And whether she’s smart enough to understand that, her lawyers better be, or they shouldn’t be practicing law anywhere. She should drop what she’s doing and simply resign her office and move on with the rest of her life and save herself and her family a lot of pain.

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