The Buchanan Brigade: Blog: Patrick J. Buchanan: The GOP’s Iran Dilemma

Pat Buchanan
The Buchanan Brigade: Blog: Patrick J. Buchanan: The GOP’s Iran Dilemma

I actually agree with Pat Buchanan, who seems to be getting more sane and intelligent as he gets older. The way I would put it, is that President Obama and perhaps intentionally, has boxed the Republican Party, especially Congress in. House and Senate Republicans, could try to kill the Iranian Nuclear Deal and lose anyway. Because there’s no way that they’ll be able to override a presidential veto on this. With only a handful of Democratic Representatives and Senators voting with Republicans on this. Or lets say it starts snowing in Houston, Texas tomorrow, keep in mind it’s still July and they did override President Obama’s veto on this and Europe, Russia and China who are all on board on this agreement, end up getting the credit for the Islamic Republic of Iran from not obtaining nuclear weapons. Even though the United States did most of the work on the deal.

If somehow Congressional Republicans actually did read the deal and figure out that Iran will be under strict observation and have international weapons inspectors on the ground in Iran, making sure that they are either complying, or reporting where the Islamic Republic is coming up short and that America can reimposed sanctions and put military options back on the table against Iran and actually decide to vote for the deal, then Republican Representatives and Senators will have to explain to their constituents why they voted to support President Obama. Someone who a lot of Republicans at least in the active base of the party consider to be an illegitimate president and perhaps even an illegal alien from Kenya. Whose legally not eligible to be President of the United States. And simply serving his Socialist-Muslim brothers and sisters in Iran.

Every time Congressional Republicans go on the official record supporting President Obama on anything major, they risk trouble at home and being primaried at home. Meaning someone from the Far-Right flank of the party, who normally couldn’t get elected to anything outside of the Bible Belt that isn’t gerrymandered, challenging a mainstream Republican in Congress in the next election. Politically, I believe the only option that Congressional Republicans have here, is to vote against the deal, watch it go through after President Obama successful vetoes it and hold oversight hearings on it in the House and Senate to see how its working. But one of the brilliances of this deal with Iran is the politics of it. Republicans, could vote for it and risk problems in their own party. Vote against it and watch President Obama and Secretary John Kerry, Europe, Russia and China take credit for it.

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