Secular Talk: Ann Coulter- Women Should Not Have The Right To Vote

Ann Coulter
Just when think Ann Coulter can’t be any meaner, more hateful, ignorant and funnier at her own expense, she comes out in favor of repealing the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I’ve always argued that Neoconservatives, want to take America back to pre-New Deal days. But in Ann Coulter’s case, she was would take America back before the 1920s, before women had the right to vote in America. The host of whatever the hell this guy on YouTube does, who I generally see as a loudmouth asshole and jackass and if you watch him on YouTube, you would see why, actually makes a good point here. About the tax issue, that if you don’t pay taxes, you shouldn’t vote, according to Ann Coulter. Well, that would devastate the Republican Party.

If only income taxpayers and Americans who pay more in taxes than they actually receive in benefits could vote, we’re not talking about Washington, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, all big cities with large Democratic populations, who would lose their right to vote. These are all economically prosperous areas of the country. The areas that would get devastated as far as no longer being able to vote are the rural Bible Belt areas. Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, rural Georgia, South Carolina, North Florida, West Virginia, Kentucky, Kansas, to use as examples. Some of the poorest states and areas of the country. That couldn’t live right now without their Food Assistance and Welfare benefits. Republican legislatures and governors, could gerrymander all they want. But their people wouldn’t be able to vote, because they don’t pay income taxes.

When you just make your political arguments and statements, especially against the other party based on stereotypes and talking points and especially racial and ethnic stereotypes and you don’t bother to look at the actual data and facts, you can get yourself in a lot of political trouble and shoot your toes off. Shoot yourself in the leg when you’re just trying to put your gun back in your holster, similar to Al Bundy, if you’re familiar with Married With Children. Because you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing. Yes, women tend to vote for Democrats, but those women also tend to be well-educated and economically successful. And they vote Democratic, because they believe Democrats better represent their interests. You prevent poor Americans from voting and you devastate a big chunk of the GOP that Republicans have to have. And Ann Coulter, doesn’t seem to be smart enough to understand that.

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