Sorry Haterss Canal: Shamus (1973) Burt Reynolds & Dyan Cannon Star


Source:Sorry Haters– Burt Reynolds and Dyan Cannon, in Shamus from 1973.

“SHAMUS a pool-shooting, card-playing, broad-chasing, private eye…cross him, and he’ll blow your head off!”

From Sorry Haters

To be completely honest with you: I watched Shamus because Dyan Cannon and Burt Reynolds we’re in it. Two of my favorite actors and one of the best comedic duos you could ever put together. Dyan, is so adorable, as well as sexy, gorgeous and then she’s also a hell of an actress and one of the funniest actress’s who has ever lived. They especially make a great male/female comedy duo. And they were both great in this movie, but they were great together.

Not saying the movie wasn’t a good movie. Because it is a very entertaining and good action/comedy. Especially when you consider that Dyan, Burt, and Joe Santos, are the only names in the movie. The only well-known actors who’ve had long successful careers.

Shamus, is about a very good, but perhaps not a very well-known Brooklyn private detective. But someone who is very good at his job who have very good and useful friends and references. Who is hired by a New York crime boss played by Ron Weygand to find out who robbed one his jewelry stores. Shamus McCoy, played by the great Burt Reynolds, perhaps the best action/comedic actor who has ever lived, takes the job, but is suspicious of his new client right away. And digs up dirt on his client to find out what he’s about and who would rob them and why. Another crime group separate from Shamus’s client, somehow finds out quickly that Shamus is working for the man they just robbed. And try to get him off the case, if not put him out of business all together.

Dyan Cannon, plays the sister of one of the people who this group robbed. And Shamus uses her to get to her brother and his connections. That have all of these things that the group has stole and wants to steal more of. Including military surplus equipment. Shamus decides that his new and only wealthy client is no longer worth working for. And ends up taking Alexis, played by Dyan as his new client. Because she wants to know who is trying to hurt her brother. This is a fairly complicated movie and fairly violent movie as well. Where Shamus is not the Devil or the Saint in the movie. And uses a lot of ruthless and abusive tactics to solve the case. Even though he doesn’t have a full-time client in the movie. And is an interesting and funny action/drama. With a lot of humor in it, mostly coming from Burt. Who of course is a master smartass.

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