BBC: David Frost Interview With Muhammad Ali (1974)

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Source:BBC– interviewing The Greatest of All-Time in 1974.

“Sir David Frost interviews legendary boxing champion and former World Heavyweight title holder, Muhammad Ali. During the interview Frost presses Ali on a number of topics, particularly his forthcoming title fight with opponent George Foreman who Ali says has two chances of winning – ‘slim and none’. As the interview progresses Ali talks about his religious faith, his thoughts on the civil rights movement and integration before ending with a characteristically poetic view on how he would like to be remembered.”

From Gemma Wood

Was Muhammad Ali a great boxer? Was he a great champion? Was he a great entertainer? What he a great comedian? Was he a great poet? Was he a great civil rights spokesperson? Well, the answer to all of these questions, except for maybe poet is yes. He was all of these things and did all of these things very well. Perhaps The Greatest of All-Time doing all of these things.

That is how quick and intelligent Muhammad was. No one has known them self better and the people around him better than Muhammad Ali. And really the only mistake he’s ever made in life was fighting too long. Which of course has cost him the rest of his life. And he has to live with Parkinson’s.

But here’s a guy who dominated the media from a news, entertainment and sports perspective, as well as the heavyweight boxing division for about 15-20 years. He only time he didn’t dominate these fields was when he lost his boxing license because of his opposition to the Vietnam War. But he was the best, The Greatest of All-Time for a very long time. We never saw anyone as good pre-Muhammad Ali and haven’t seen a boxer and entertainer as good since. Muhammad Ali, is truly an American original.

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