Burns 1876: ‘Western Boot Fitting- Cowgirl Boots and Riding Boots’


Source:Burns 1876– Cowgirl boots for cowgirls.

“Burns Saddlery & Burns Cowboy Shop, offers quality western wear, boots, hats, saddles, tack, western home decor. Durable custom Indian blanket auto seat covers and our custom leather & repair shop where you can get specialized products made to order.”

Source:Burns 1876

The right cowgirl boots are essential for cowgirls. The most important part probably being coming from someone who doesn’t live out west or in rural America and never has, but that they have to be functional.

Women need to be able to move and move well in them. They need to be comfortable enough to do that so their feet aren’t always sore and getting blisters. But they need to look good and be stylish at the same time.

They need to go with the cowgirls jeans and other western wear that she would wear. And the style part is also important because guys cowboys and otherwise love the look of cowgirls.

That is sexy cowgirls who look good and are well-built and look sexy in their cowgirl outfits. And I think this something that these cowgirls in this video more than understand.

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