Discovery ID: Wicked Attraction: ‘Blood Brothers’

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Source:Discovery ID– a man who was interviewed for this documentary.

“In 1985, police in South San Francisco, California respond to a simple shoplifting incident.Within hours, they discover a connection between two male suspects and a list of missing people that spans more than a year.”

From Wicked Attraction

If you are familiar with the Hillside Stranglers in the Los Angeles area, then the serial murderers of Leonard Lake and his buddy Charles Ng should sound familiar to you. Except Lake and Ng murdered in the San Francisco area, but what these four men have in common is that they are all pretty pathetic assholes, really, who had rough upbringings and were never very successful in life really at anything that they ever tried to do, except for perhaps murdering, but go back to them being assholes. Had it not have been for Charles Ng’s addiction to stealing, they wouldn’t have been caught, at least when they did. Had Ng not have been a shoplifter knocking off convenient stores, they might still be in business today.

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