Chris Rabideau: ‘The Newsroom (Gun Control)’

The Newsroom (Gun Control) (2012) - Google Search

Source:Chris Rabideau– Jeff Daniels as Newsroom anchorman Will McEvoy.

“This is a segment from Episode 4, Season 1.

Kudos to HBO for this series. If you haven’t watched it, you should.”

From Chris Rabideau

Barack Obama represents everything that the Far-Right in America, hates about America, especially the New America. As much as far-rightists claim to love America and claim to be American Patriots, that’s all bullshit. (To be frank) they love their 1950s, Beaver Cleaver, Ozzie and Harriet, Paul Harvey America, which was this Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, utopia for them, where minorities and women essentially didn’t count. And then someone like Barack Obama not only comes around, but then become President of the United States and that scares the hell out of the Far-Right and Barack becomes their national boogeyman for them.

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