Nat Bishop: The Newsroom- Will McAvoy: New Kind of Republican


Source: Nat Bishop

Source:Nat Bishop

I’m not sure that you can describe Republicans who’ve been in the GOP since the mid to late 1970s, people like former Senator Jess Helms of North Carolina as ‘New Republicans’. Well I guess of course you can, but it’s simply not true. I mean the fact is the Far-Right that is made up of the Christian-Right and Neoconservatives like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann have been Republicans since the mid and late 1970s. Actually you can go back to the late 1960s with Richard Nixon’s so-called silent majority. That today would be called the Tea Party.

The fact is the Republican and Democratic Party has a nut house. A coalition of people who are more interested in their own political ideology and political movement and promoting it as much as possible, as they are on facts and information. Things that are considered old school by a lot of young people and elitist propaganda by the Far-Right and corporate propaganda by the Far-Left. At least when facts and information contradict their political ideology and partisan arguments. And that is assuming they are interested in facts and information at all. Which is not a safe assumption.

What Will McAvoy calls ‘New Republicans’ are people who live on their own planet or in a time capsule. Somewhere around 1955 or so when mom stayed home and raised the kids and dad went to work and said, “honey, I’m home” everyday at least during the week at around 7 PM. Where gays were trapped in a closet or basement like people who have been kidnapped. Where African-Americans were officially free, but still serving as servants to rich Northeastern and deep South Anglo-Saxon Protestant family families.

America has changed completely since the 1950s and doesn’t look much like it did sixty-years ago. The rest of the country has moved forward as well and modernized. The Tricky Dick Silent Majority, is now an extremely loud and obnoxious tiny minority, but with their own public microphones called FOX News and talk radio so their message and believes are always public. The so-called New Republican is an insult actual Republicans and republicanism. The New Republican is not much of a fan of the republicanism or the republic.

The so-called New Republican doesn’t believe in the federal republic or perhaps any other type of republic. Other than maybe some theocratic Christian republic. The Separation of Church to the New Republican doesn’t exist. The New Republican claims to love America, but doesn’t seem to like Americans, at least Americans who aren’t completely like them and agree with them somewhere around a hundred-percent of the time. The New Republican claims to love freedom, while at the same time puts down Americans for what they do with their freedom.

The so-called New Republican is not new at least when it comes to modern American political history. But they are real and a huge part of the actual Republican Party today. To the point that when actual Republicans, you know people who believe in the republic and republicanism has the balls to go against them and propose things that the so-called New Republican sees as Un-American, the real Republican puts their political careers in jeopardy. And I believe that is the type of Republican that Will McAvoy was talking about.

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