Josh O’Driscoll: Video: Occupy Wall Street Interview: Why it Failed


I don’t expect to win any new supporters with Occupy Wall Street and the broader Far-Left in America to go along with my three other supporters that I have, Tom, Dick and Harry, from this movement with this post. But hey, life goes on, if there’s will, there’s a way and I promise I’m out of 1950s clichés. But that is not the purpose of this post. But the purpose of this post is to layout some facts about Occupy Wall Street and why they haven’t caught on. Hopefully in a way to explain to people who might be so high on pot or Starbucks coffee, even though they supposedly are against American capitalism and corporate, in a way they can even understand.

How do you lead a leaderless movement? The same way you put out fire with gas, or quench a first with dirt or satisfy a hunger with air or lead the Chicago Cubs to the World Series. Two words, you don’t, that is how, because it can’t be done. If you are familiar with this blog, you know it is not a fan of the Tea Party and I’m sure as hell not either. But they’ve succeeded because they have leadership and a message. Now that message might be so simplistic that a five-year old can understand. Which is why even Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin get it, but at least they have a message.

The Tea Party message is this,”The Federal Government is too big and spends too much money”. At least as it relates to the economy. If you can’t get that, than American politics is too complicated for you and why don’t you try to figure out how to shoot a basketball instead. What does OWS come back with, “rich people are too rich and perhaps shouldn’t be allowed to be rich in the first place and Wall Street and corporate America are evil bastards that should be stopped. Now you in Washington figure out how to fix these problems. Because we are a leaderless movement and we have no ideas of our own”.

An obvious rule in American politics is that a message always beats no message even if that message is a negative message. Look no further than the 2014 mid-term elections where the GOP had, “we hate Obama, elect us and we’ll stop him”. With Democrats countering, “hey we aren’t crazy about him either, but he’s the President”. The negative message beat no message again. The Republican Party vs. the Democratic Party is the same matchup as the Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street. Negative message vs. no message. But at least the Democrats have a leadership. How effective they are is the topic of another post.

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