NFL Network: Missing Rings- 1990 Buffalo Bills

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Source:NFL Network– No, the Buffalo Bills didn’t throw the ball all the time. You don’t have to when Thurman Thomas is your tailback.

Source:The Daily Post

“One of the greatest teams to never win a Super Bowl…


America’s Game: Missing Rings – 1990 Buffalo Bills.”

From NFL Network

“America’s Game Missing Rings 1990 Buffalo Bills”

Missing Rings_ Buffalo Bills - Google Search

Source:Sport Freaks Podcast– Buffalo Bills LB Darryl Talley.

From Sport Freaks Podcast

“After losing the first heartbreaking Super Bowl loss, Buffalo Bills Head Coach Marv Levy offers words of wisdom which motivate the team to being the league most resilient run in history as they continued to represent the AFC in the following three Super Bowls to come as well.”

Fight On My Men

Source:Timothy Wehrfritz– Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy.

From Timothy Wehrfritz

I believe making it to four straight Super Bowls and winning four straight conference championships (AFC or NFC) is very impressive. But let’s be real about this: the Denver Broncos of the mid and late 1980s and the Buffalo Bills of the early 1990s, dominated a weak AFC.

The AFC was a conference that lost 13 straight Super Bowls (1984-96) with nine of those losses being blowouts. If the Bills of this era were part of the NFC, they would be the 2nd or 3rd best team in the NFC East. They would’ve been a consistent playoff team in the NFC, but not expected to win the conference every year. We’re talking about a prototypical AFC team from that era: small up front on both sides of the ball, very quick, that threw the ball a lot simply because they didn’t have the size and strength up front to run a power running game and dominate defenses up front.

Having said all of this, the 1990 Bills should’ve beaten the New York Giants in Super Bowl 25. They had the better team and had more talent and plenty of opportunities to stop the Giants late in the 4th quarter and hold onto the lead that they already had and won the game by a touchdown, 19-13. But to be a great team, you have to be great when it counts the most. And the Bills in the early 1990s simply weren’t great when they had to be, which is why they never won the Super Bowl.

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