Warner Vod: Video: All the President’s Men 1976 Trailer: A Movie About a Scandal That Took Down a Presidency

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If you like movies based on true stories, then All The President’s Men is a great movie if you like movies with great writing, then All The President’s Men is a great movie. If you like movies with great casts, then All The Presidents Men is a great movie. If you like movies with clever quick-witted humor, then All The President’s Men is a great movie. If you’re interested in current affairs, politics and American history, or you’re a junky about those things like myself, then All The Presidents Men is a great movie. There are so many reasons to see this great movie, this movie being the best movie at least as far as I’m concern in Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman’s career. And I would add Jason Robards, Jack Warden and Ned Beatty, Jane Alexander to that list all great actors.

All The President’s Men is about the Watergate scandal that happened in 1972 when people working for the Nixon campaign broke into the Watergate building in Washington where just so happens where the Democratic National Committee Headquarters is located. They did that I’m guessing to dig up dirt on Sen. George McGovern President Nixon’s opponent in 1972. I doubt they were there to steal wooden pencils or use the bathroom (call it a hunch). And how President Nixon covered up a story that he had no involvement in as far as the operations. But he did cover it up which is an Obstruction of Justice and how two basically no name reporters covered this story for the Washington Post.

Bob Woodward played by Robert Redford and Carl Bernstein played by Dusty Hoffman and If you’re a fan of mystery’s, then All The President’s Men is a great movie. Even though Woodward and Bernstein aren’t cops or private detectives, they are newspaper reporters covering a story that fell into their lap basically. The Watergate scandal was probably the dumbest political scandal that ever happened in the Federal Government. And there are plenty to choose from, because first of all it was illegal, it wasn’t done by professional criminals. President Nixon got reelected in a landslide winning forty-nine states and around sixty-percent of the popular vote despite Watergate.

So naturally what does Dick Nixon try to do. Being the great politician and brilliant man that he was, not trying to be funny here, he covers it up, he covers up a scandal that he had nothing to do with and had he just released everything that the White House had and let the FBI do their jobs, Watergate is nothing more than another Washington crime story handled by the Washington Police, President Nixon completes his second term and probably goes down as a great president depending on how he dealt with a weakening economy and the movie All The President’s Men is never made.

I saw All The Presidents Men for the first time when I was in junior high seventh or eighth Grade and didn’t have much of an interest in politics at the age of thirteen or fourteen. Which may seem shocking considering how much of a political junky I am now. But I knew I really liked this movie by then and have seen probably twenty times since twenty plus years later because by the time I was eighteen, I was already a political junky keeping up with Congress and the Clinton Administration. I already knew I was a Liberal Democrat by then. And this is one of those movies for me, that’s worth seeing twenty plus times for the reasons I just laid out.
All The President's Men

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