The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: Jimmy Stewart- ‘Delightfully Funny in 1989’

Jimmy Stewart is Delightfully Funny, FULL Interview on Johnny Carson's T_

Source:The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson– Actor/comedian Jimmy Stewart, on Johnny Carson in 1989.

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Jimmy Stewart is delightfully funny in this 1989 full interview with Johnny Carson, discussing his funny New Year’s resolutions, learning to fly airplanes, playing the accordion, appearing on Broadway, and his daughter’s work with mountain gorillas with Dian Fossey.”

From The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson

I can’t do a Jimmy Stewart impression. I wish I could, because he’s one of my favorite funny actors of all-time. Similar to Cary Grant or Robert De Niro of today. The best I can do with Stewart, is use what are today and have been for a while all of these cheesy expressions and words that he used all the time in his movies. Sounding like a small town country boy going to a big city for the first time in his life and saying things like gee wiz, dog-gonnit, cheesy stuff like that. But sounds hysterical when it is in a movie that has a lot of cussing in it, but the movie is edited and replaced with words like this.

But Johnny Carson was right when he said that he could play straight man to Jimmy’s comedian and wiseass who is never serious. Johnny could feed him all the material that Jimmy would need to comment on and Jimmy without a script could do standup off the top of his head without preparation and sound hysterical. As we saw in this video with Johnny asking Jimmy basic questions about what is going on in his life and Jimmy playing comedian in response. Like saying his New Years resolution was to talk faster. One reason he is famous is for talking slow.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is one of my favorite movies of all-time. And even though I don’t think it was supposed to be, it is also one of the funniest movies of all-time, the humor you see from Jeff Smith in the movie ( played by Jimmy Stewart ) is very similar to the real-life Stewart: observational, off the cuff, what are you thinking, no time to prepare, instant humorous analysis of what you are seeing. Which is Jimmy Stewart and what you see in this video on Carson.

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