PZI Jeans: Commercial- Curvy Women


Source:PZI Jeans– 2010 curvy jeans commercial.

Source:The Daily Times 

“Curvy Jeans – Jeans for curvy women and girls by PZI Jeans”

From PZI Jeans

So I guess thanks to PZI Jeans, as well as Levi’s and Wrangler, and perhaps a few other denim brands, valley girls and valley culture in general, no longer owns a monopoly on what looks beautiful and sexy in America. When I was growing up in the 1980s, curvy women were automatically considered to be fat and unhealthy. So there weren’t many if any denim brands for those women.

PZI Jeans

Source:PZI Jeans– beautiful, sexy jeans, for strong, curvy, beautiful women.

Tight jeans for curvy women: Just hearing those words in that sentence makes me feel like I’ve already died and gone to heaven. Or perhaps have moved to paradise and wasn’t aware of that until I actually got there. Like a surprise vacation where you are blindfolded and your wife of girlfriend takes you somewhere and you’re blindfolded the whole time while you are there. Might sound like an unbelievable story to anyone in touch with reality, but if you watch enough TV, something like that might seem believable to you.

Forget about tight jeans (denim or leather) for rail-thin women, or obese women. How about instead we talk about tight jeans for healthy women and that includes big bone women who aren’t fat, but have big bones and curves and are strong. Women who physically take care of themselves and eat right and know they are healthy and want to show off that success with the right denim jeans. To show the world how sexy they are at least on the outside.

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