The Book Archive: Video: CBS News Longines Chronoscope: Senator Prescott Bush in 1953

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Senator Prescott Bush who of course is the father of George H.W. Bush and the grandfather of George H.W. Bush’s children, was what we would call a Northeastern Republican today. Someone who leans conservative, but who isn’t anti-government and someone who believes government should help people in need, but not try to run people’s lives for them. Someone who believes that physically and mentally able people should work.

A Northeastern Republican is no Progressive New Dealer or Great Society advocate, but not someone who fits in well with the anti-government more libertarian leaning Tea Party movement of the Republican Party either. Or the Religious-Right in the Republican Party. Who leans right on economic and foreign policy, but not anti-government. Someone who believes the best government is the government that is closest to home and shouldn’t be running people’s lives for them. Out of people’s wallets and personal lives.

Prescott & Ike

Prescott & Ike

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