HBO: Video: George Carlin on the Death Penalty

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Times on Blogger, January, 2012

You know who my favorite people in politics as a blogger to write about, not that I have any respect for them, political hypocrites, like Religious Conservatives who claim they are Pro-Life. And that life is sacred and so forth which is how they justify their anti-abortion positions. But then tend to be pro- death penalty, so I guess life isn’t that sacred, just some lives. I guess they could change their position on abortion to, pro-innocent life. But that doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it as pro-life.

Of course not all pro-life people are hypocrites on the abortion issue. Like Catholics who tend to be pro Life on abortion and the death penalty. If people who are pro-life on abortion, but pro-death on the death penalty aren’t hypocritical on the life issue, then they sure as hell at least have a flexible position on the life issue right. But hell we live in a liberal democracy right, as much as Religious Conservatives hate that. And rather live in Iran instead or a place like that and I say to them. “What’s keeping you in America, I’ll help you move”.

Just to be fair there are people who are hypocritical on the life issue. But from the other side, people who are pro-choice on abortion (but not pro-choice on many other things) and Pro Life on the death penalty. People who have no problem with a women who decides to get an abortion in the 10th or 11th month. Because the women decides on her own or perhaps after consulting people including the father of her baby. That “you know what I change my mind, I’m not going to have this baby”. But then have a serious problem with a serial murderer getting the death penalty or even a life sentence in prison, because “they believe its cruel and unusual punishment.

Generally speaking for me I don’t have a problem with any position with what someone takes on Political issues. As long as their positions are factually based and not made out of ignorance. Its the hypocrisy that gets me, like being both pro-life and pro-death, the same person and another person being pro- choice and pro-life. Thats just to convenient for me, make up your mind what are you. If you’re pro-life, you’re pro-life, otherwise don’t call yourselves pro-life. And instead say you’re pro- life on abortion or the death penalty.

Me personally just to put my cards on the table, I’m pro-choice on abortion, well 98-99% pro- choice. I have an issue with partial birth abortion, when the baby is basically ready to be delivered. And just waiting for the mother to deliver the baby and pro-choice on a lot of other issues. But I’m also for protecting innocent life and preventing innocent people from being murdered. That makes me pro- death penalty for some murderers like serial murderers. Who represent a threat to murder again and have no remorse for their past murders. And are even proud of them and I’m also at times pro-war, when I believe innocent life is at stake and we can prevent those innocent lives from being taken. I have no remorse for serial murderers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and how they were put to death.

Not all lives to me are worth saving, especially serial murderers like Charlie Manson. Who didn’t have the balls to murder anyone himself and instead had his crime family perform his evil for him. And then lies about his role in those murders and has been lying about them for over forty years now. If he was killed tomorrow, I wouldn’t celebrate it, I’m not evil or anything, but I would see it as justifiable homicide. And if the person who killed him got off for the killing, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. The man should’ve gotten the death penalty thirty years ago and finally got what he deserve. Not all Lives are worth saving but Innocent Lives sure as hell are.
Death Penalty

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