The Young Turks: Video: Cenk Uygur: Dick Cheney the Living Embodiment of Eisenhower’s Greatest Fear

Darth Vader Dick Cheney on the loose. So no I don’t like Dick Cheney or have much respect for our former Vice President. But Cenk Uygur in this video is the perfect example of why I don’t use The Young Turks as a credible news source other than to hear what the far-left and the rabid partisan left-wingers in the country are thinking. Dick Cheney didn’t say we should pay for our defense and national security at the expense of everything else in that interview. He said that “national defense should be our number one national priority. Not Food Stamps or infrastructure”. Which is a huge difference.

Now here is where I agree with Cenk. Dick Cheney is “the living embodiment of what President Dwight Eisenhower’s feared” in his Military Industrial Complex speech. That some people especially in the military and people who have worked with the military as Dick Cheney did first as Secretary of Defense and then later as Vice President of the United States. Someone who would put no limits on what we should spend when it comes to national defense. “That there is no such thing as waste in the defense budget. And there aren’t many if any limits to what our military can do in the world.”

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