Richard Nixon Foundation: Video: President Richard Nixon’s Farewell Address to White House Staff

This was the one thing that was missing from Richard Nixon’s career that I believe could’ve made his career even better and more successful. And he did by most standards had a very successful career in public service even with the way it ended. Especially considering where he came from and how far he went and how much he accomplished. But I believe the one thing that was missing about his career was candor about himself and letting people into the personal world of Richard Nixon.

I believe he had two great lines from this speech that were lessons and advice that he gave the American people based on his own personal experience. “You’ll never know what it is like to be on the highest mountain until you’ve been in the deepest valley”. Meaning you’ll never know what it is like on top until you’ve been at the bottom. Because success isn’t given to anyone and before you achieve success there are certain steps you have to take first and even failures so you know how to improve and get to the top.

The other great line I believe from President Nixon’s speech is. “Don’t ever get discouraged and ever be petty. Because others may hate you, but they only win when you hate them and then you destroy yourself”. Meaning people may hate or seriously dislike you, but that shouldn’t bother you as long as you are doing your best and are a good person. So what if some schmuck hates you especially if you are a good productive person. What the hell they know and they may hate you for being what they are not which is a decent productive successful person.

The main problem that Dick Nixon had that I believed destroyed what otherwise would’ve been a great presidency what that he didn’t live the advice that he gave at his farewell address. He didn’t take his own advice and let people who did hate him and he had perhaps more than his share of haters from his days in Congress to being Vice President of the United States and out of office all together from 1961-69 and he let those haters destroy him by feeling the need and urge to destroy them even by using illegal means. And it cost him his presidency.

What Victory

What Victory

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