Liberty Pen: Video: FBN’s John Stossel: Alan West & Alex McFarland on Personal Freedom

I have a real hard time listening to people who claim to be against big government and essentially say that “big government is essentially bad except when we are in favor of big government”. So they say basically “go ahead and make all the money you want and well and go spend that money any way you want just as long as we approve”. And we they are confronted on that they say “well we don’t allow people to murder or rape or hurt innocent people in any other way”. As if that is what the issue is when it is not.

The whole notion of personal freedom is exactly that. It is personal and as long as you aren’t hurting innocent people with your personal choices and invading some innocent person’s personal freedom and space and living up to your responsibilities that come with your personal choices, we are still talking about personal freedom. So when so-called Conservatives say they believe in freedom and against big government and then of course are talking about these economic policies I question them about how they feel about personal choice and social issues. To see how much they are against big government, or do they just say they are against big government when it is convenient for them.

Economic freedom is not worth much without personal freedom. Because without personal freedom we won’t have the freedom to be able to make personal decisions with our own money. Because big government Right or Left or in between will always be they’re saying “no we don’t approve of those personal choices and we must stop you”. What you need for a society to be free is to have both economic and personal freedom because they go hand in hand.

Big Government


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