The Fiscal Times: Opinion: Edward Morrissey: Why Michael Bloomberg’s Nanny Campaign Will Backfire: The Nanny Statist on the Loose

Nanny State

The Fiscal Times: Opinion: Edward Morrissey: Why Michael Bloomberg’s Nanny Campaign Will Fail

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New York, New York, what a city.  Trust me, that sounds funnier with my fake New York accent than it does with my fake Philadelphia accent, for some reason.  New York might be the only big city in America except, perhaps, San Francisco that produces popular politicians who believe that it’s their duty to protect their constituents from themselves.  And that they do not get any negative political feedback as a result.

Maybe New Yorkers believe that they are too dumb to decide for themselves what or how much food and drink they should consume or whether or not they should smoke or when they should go to bed. Should they be able to smoke marijuana or have to go to jail for their own good if they do smoke or possess marijuana. Should they be allowed to look at pornography or not? Should they be able to gamble their own money or not?  What’s the next NYC prohibition, sex before marriage or sex with someone of the same sex?

Only in New York and perhaps San Francisco could big city politicians get away with trying to micro-manage the lives of their constituents. Just about everywhere else they would be seen for what they are which are nanny statists. You think the welfare state is too much government. Well some of those high taxes you would pay would also be directed towards the nanny state. Having cops on the street to put people to bed at night or take cigarettes or Doritos out of their mouths does not come for free.

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