Salon: Opinion: Alex Pareene: “Leftist Fascism is Everywhere!: Behold its Shocking Rise”: How Liberal and Fascist do Not go Together

Salon: Opinion: Alex Pareene: Leftist Fascism is Everywhere: Behold its Shocking Rise

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A Liberal isn’t a fascist.  Liberals believe in the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of speech and assembly.  They wrote it, for crying out loud, and the Fourth and Fifth Amendments as well.  Tolerance of views with which they disagree is fundamental to liberal philosophy. 

I’m not saying there aren’t fascists on the Left.  The Communist parties are examples.  The Democratic Party,  of which I’m a proud member, has a Far-Left fringe that would like to outlaw not only hate speech but certain forms of pornography that they view as sexist, and some right-wing media,  A few months ago, Fred Jarome wrote a piece in the far-left magazine, Salon, arguing for nationalizing FOX News and news in general to make America a fairer and better place where the Federal Government controls the flow of information to the public. (Its hard to say that without laughing)

Every time I hear the words liberal and fascist put together, especially as “liberal fascists,” I feel like throwing a baseball through a window. Thank God, marijuana has been decriminalized in Maryland so next time I see that I’ll have that to calm me down or cool me out, whatever the phrase is, chillax.

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