Bloomberg News: Video: Pimm Fox: Bob Saget Admits ‘Inappropriate Acts’ in New Book

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What can I say about Bob Saget?  Well he’s the best Danny Tanner ever, wait, he’s the only Danny Tanner ever but, hey, that still counts. Perhaps I should explain what I mean by that for the two people who see this who’ve never heard of Full House.  It was on back when ABC was making hit TV shows, you know twenty-five years ago. And then I’ll move onto bigger and better things (hopefully) like inappropriate acts, which I gotta admit are a hell of a lot more interesting than the career of Bob Saget. Sorry Bob, you’ve done a good job but your career is not that interesting.

Full House, for the two people who read this post who’ve never heard of it, and, by the way, if you haven’t heard of this show, which was  a hit sitcom on ABC for eight years, you probably haven’t heard of Three’s Company, Cheers, or some of these other great sitcoms from the 1980s and 90s.  Full House is about a single, widower father with three daughters that he is rearing himself because their mother is dead.

The first part is believable enough, right, even in the 80s and 90s there were single fathers divorced or widowed.  Divorced, with full-custody of their kids,  mom being a prostitute or, in Danny Tanner’s case, deceased.  It gets better, this is where Hollywood,  San Francisco, and Los Angeles come in.  Tanner (Back to you Bob Saget) brings in his brother in-law (John Stamos), the maternal uncle of his kids  and his best friend Joey (Dave Coullier) to help him raise his kids.

So Full House goes from two parents a father and mother, with three daughters to three dads and three kids. This is where it gets more Hollywood.  All three of these guys are happy, straight men who just happen to live in San Francisco.  The show had a great cast and great writers and they made it work well for eight seasons, which is a great run for a sitcom.

On the subject of inappropriate acts, I’ll give you a list of three things never to do in public.

Never fart in an elevator, even if you are the only one in the elevator, because the elevator can always stop and someone else can get on before you get off.

Never cuss in front of kids unless you like being cussed out yourself, especially when they are old enough to understand swearing and can use swear words in a sentence.  This is a lesson that Bob Saget apparently learned personally.

Never tell your boss that she’s hot unless she’s also your girlfriend or wife. I believe the reasons for this are obvious. If you don’t think that you can follow this rule, pick someone else to work for.  Get a new job. Once you get it on your resume that you told your boss she’s hot, you’ll have a hard time getting anything else on your resume.

That is enough of Bob Saget and my list of three things not to do in public.  I hope that I haven’t taken up too much of your time or mind with this piece.


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