Newsmax: The Steve Salzberg Show- Ira Stoll: Author of JFK Conservative

Newsmax_ The Steve Salzburg Show- Ira Stoll_ Author of JFK Conservative

Source:Newsmax– Ira Stoll talking to Steve Salzberg about his book.

Source:The New Democrat

“And former vice president and managing editor of the New York Sun Author of the new provocative book “JFK: Conservative.”

From Newsmax

I wrote a couple of blog post last week why Jack Kennedy would not only be a Democrat but a loyal Democrat, a good Democrat and even a Liberal Democrat and he’s a big reason why I’m a Liberal Democrat.

For people especially on the partisan Right who want to make any person in the Democratic Party, or anyone on the Left that they may claim to respect as less than democratic or liberal, they do not either understand the Democratic Party and the mainstream wing or have chosen to ignore those things to make their partisan political points.

To listen to these partisan right-wingers, you get the idea that all Democrats are on the Far-Left and we are all Socialists or Social Democrats. Or today’s Far-Left is the mainstream left-wing in America. And even though I agree that the Far-Left in America wouldn’t have much to like about Jack Kennedy, someone who believe there was a limit to how much you could tax, people including the wealthy and a limit to how much government can do for people and still have a strong economy and you needed a strong national defense whether you are dealing with the Soviet Union or Islāmic terrorists.

Today Jack Kennedy would’ve been like Bill Clinton or John Kerry and even Barack Obama. Someone with a lot of respect and love at least inside the Democratic Party. And in Jack Kennedy’s case outside of the Democratic Party as well because Independents and perhaps even Northeastern Republicans, people who I call the real Conservative Republicans and real Republicans, because of his beliefs in both economic and personal freedom.

JFK had a healthy skepticism for what government could do for people. And his beliefs in a strong national defense, but to protect us and our allies and not to govern the world. It would be both the Far-Left and Far-Right where he wouldn’t fit in, but he didn’t fit in well there fifty years ago either.

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