NBA-TV: Video: NBA 1975-NBA-Finals-San Francisco Warriors vs Washington Wizards: Feature

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The 1975 NBA Finals and perhaps the 1978 NBA Finals are two Finals the Bullets would love have to have back. Because they both cost them opportunities to be the NBA team of the 1970s. And being able to win three NBA Finals in that decade, instead of just the lone championship in 1978. When they lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1971 Finals, I believe at least they lost to a better team. But in 75 and 79, they were the clear favorites going in and could’ve won both Finals in five games.

The 1975 San Francisco Warriors as I called them, I guess they could now be called the Oakland Warriors since they play in Oakland, but the 75 Warriors were a very good team. Great player in Rick Barry, sort of like the Larry Bird of the 1970s with his ability to shoot, pass and handle the ball at the small forward position. A great head coach in Al Attles and a very good supporting case around Barry. But the Bullets had the better team and better players, but were simply beat in this series.
Oakland Warriors

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