The Late Show With David Letterman: Lee Marvin- In 1985

Viewer Mail on Letterman, May 23, 1985

Source:Don Giller– Actor Lee Marvin, on The Late Show With David Letterman, in 1985.

Source:The Daily Journal 

“Viewer Mail is preceded by “A Time for Reflection,” which includes video later incorporated into the Late Night Anthem that aired a few weeks later on June 12. Featuring Lee Marvin, taped during his guest appearance the previous week, May 16, and the reason Paul gets applause during Dave’s Opening Remarks.

Paul’s lookalike is Olympics gymnastics competitor and coach Jim Surgent.”

From Don Giller

Lee Marvin playing funny man to David’s trying to be straight man and conduct an actual interview. I wonder what it is like to interview someone who doesn’t want to talk about them self?

Dave mentions to Lee that Lee is now in Arizona, but where in Arizona and Lee essentially says big state and parts unknown. Perhaps Lee is an undercover CIA agent in Mesa or some place. Wait, are there any other type of CIA agents?

Interviewing someone who doesn’t want to talk about them self, must be like trying to interview a wall and wondering why the wall is not responding to your questions. Perhaps a drunk person doing because they think the wall is an elephant or something. But Lee Marvin was a hell of a smart ass, as well as an actor as he showed in this interview.

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