Satin Tights: Wonder Woman- ‘The Girl From Ilandia’


Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter

Source:Satin Tights– Allan Arbus vs Lynda Carter. Not not really. This is actually only make believe. Sorry for the spoiler. LOL

Source:Real Life Journal

“Allan Arbus as the villain, “Bleaker” in the New Adventures of Wonder Woman, “The Girl from Ilandia,” April 7, 1978. Bleaker was one of the few villains to evade Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, he never reappeared to challenge her again.. Allan’s name was sometimes misspelled with only one L, as it appears in this episode. Arbus died April 19, 2013. He was 95.

Tina returns in the six issue crossover event, “Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman” – written by Andy Mangels and illustrated by Judit Tondora. Trade Paperback available on:Amazon.”

From Satin Tights

Allan Arbus, who of course played Dr. Sidney Friedman on MASH, showing his versatility here. By not just doing comedy, but doing action/comedy. Playing a smartass bad guy. Who kidnaps Wonder Girl, or whoever the girl was. And of course the Wonder Goddess, or Wonder Baby, (which is what I call Wonder Woman) because she was so hot, sexy and adorable, comes in and saves the day.

This episode was from 1978, so I’m probably two years old at this point, so no I don’t remember this episode. But I saw the repeat of this show last summer on Me-TV. The writing on this show always seemed twenty-years behind. And it seemed stuck in the, gee that’s swell universe of people who wouldn’t use strong language to save their lives. And the writing looked like it was from a show from the late 1950s instead of the late 1970s. But this scene on this show was pretty good.

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