The Friedman Foundation: Milton Friedman on Phil Donahue in 1979

Milton Friedman
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I love this show and love this interview and if I wasn’t three years old when in 1979, I would’ve watched this show myself. Because here are two guys who agree on practically nothing. Coming from both ends of the political spectrum. With Liberal/Libertarian Milton Friedman on the Right and Progressive/Socialist Phil Donahue on the Left. But knowledgable enough about the others side and these issues to have a good discussion or debate with each other. To do it intelligently and respectfully without yelling at each other.

You have the ultimate of individualists in Liberal/Libertarian Milton Friedman. And about the ultimate as collectivists come in Progressive Phil Donahue. So you have a debate between someone who believes in a free society not an Anarchist. But in the sense that everyone should have the right to live their own lives. As long as they aren’t infringing on others to live their own lives. Against a Collectivist who believes that we are all part of the same society and have a responsibility meaning government to look after the welfare of others. And even at times protect people from themselves.

I’m with Professor Friedman on most if not all the social issues. Legalizing narcotics across the board, would be where I would differ. We agree on marijuana, but I would decriminalize the other narcotics and treat users and addicts as patients and not addicts, at their expense. And I’m with the Professor on most issues when it comes to economic freedom and policy. Except I believe you need government help and empower people who are down get themselves up and off public assistance all together. And to protect customers and innocent people in general from predators who would hurt them. And profit from their bad behavior.

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