Washington Times: Editorial: “An Addiction Democrats Can’t Kick”: What a Real War on Drugs Looks Like

Washington Times: Editorial: “An Addiction Democrats Can’t Kick”: What a Real War on Drugs Looks Like

If we wanted to have a real War on Drugs in America, then we would have ten-million or so perhaps even more than that, people in prison because of the War on Drugs. If the War on Drugs were really a public health issue, we would have ten-million people in prison or so. Instead of the hundreds of thousands of people or so that are in prison today because of the War on Drugs. Because we would outlaw a hell of a lot more drugs that we do today. Alcohol and tobacco, certainly would be illegal, because of all the physical damage that consumption of those drugs have done to society. And even if the Mike Bloomberg Progressive nanny statists had their way, sugar and salt would also be illegal. Corrections and law enforcement, would become the two dominant professions and industries in America. Along with the military industrial complex closing the borders to keep all of these newly illegal drugs from coming into America.

I’m not in favor of the War on Drugs. Actually a strong opponent against it and I’m not a prohibitionist from a progressive or neoconservative perspective. I’m not even in favor of locking people up for simple possession of marijuana, which should be legalized anyway. Or even locking people up for simple possession of heroin, cocaine or meth. But if we had a real War on Drugs, we would also outlaw tobacco, alcohol, junk food and soft-drinks as a country. That do just as much damage as marijuana if not more when they aren’t regulated, or over consumed. There are several ways to cut our healthcare costs, but they all get to personal responsibility. I know that’s a Conservative term that Progressives hate and I’m not even a Conservative.

But I’m also not a Progressive, but someone who believes this is the way forward and something that todays so-called Conservatives use to be in favor of. But we cut our healthcare costs by universal access to either health insurance or a health savings account. With the mandate and tax credit under the Affordable Care Act. Most of the country, will have that now, but we should go further. And also apply personal responsibility to what’s called preventive care. That if you choose to live unhealthy, you not only pay for those purchases upfront. But you also pay for the healthcare that you are going to consume in the future for living unhealthy. That would go to the hospitals especially emergency rooms and tax payers.

Taxpayers, get stuck with the health care costs of people who are junk food and soft drinks addicts. Because many times these patients tend not to be insured. And we get stuck paying for the uncompensated healthcare that they receive. Todays so-called Conservatives, use to be in favor of personal responsibility, even as it related to healthcare reform twenty years ago. Until Democrats became in favor of it back then and today and decided to use this issue against Democrats to make them look like tax and spenders. But it was a good idea back then and is a good idea today as well.

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