Joey Teefizz: MISL 1985-12/01/84-Cleveland Force @ New Jersey Cosmos: Highlights

MISL Cleveland Force at New York Cosmos 12-1-1984 one missing goal in th_

Source:Joey Teefizz– The Force with the Cosmos, in 1984. LOL

Source:Real Life Journal 

“MISL Soccer in the Meadowlands, one missing goal in the third Qtr-12-1-84. A shortened season for the Cosmos, and their only season in the MISL.”

From Joey Teefizz

The New York Cosmos were also a North American Soccer League team that played at Giants Stadium in the 1970s and 80. And I believe the people who owned the Cosmos of the NASL and MISL were the same group. And they moved their NASL franchise indoors to arena soccer and the MISL when the NASL folded in I believe 1984.

The Cleveland Force are one of the standout franchises of American arena soccer. Also known as the Cleveland Crunch of the old NPSL that I believe folded and reemerged as the new MISL in the late 1990s or so.

Cleveland and New York/New Jersey are great soccer markets, including arena soccer. And why the MISL has never been marketed better and perhaps set up a partnership with MLS so they would be much bigger today, I may never know. But it is a great sport and just needs a great league to promote it.

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