Canada Classic Sports: CFL 1974- Grey Cup- Montreal Alouettes vs Edmonton Eskimos: Full Game

1974 Grey CupSource:Classic Canada Sports– the 1974 CFL Grey Cup, from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Source:The Daily Times

“1974 Grey Cup Championship Game, Canadian Football League, Montreal Alouettes vs Edmonton Eskimos.”

From Classic Canada Sports

An interesting year for the CFL, at least in the sense that only one team won ten games the entire year, the Edmonton Eskimos, who finished 10-5 in the regular season. Which would be like having only one team in the NFL only winning 10 games, which is rarely if ever has happened. At least since the 1960s or so. Or only have one team in the NHL or NBA only winning 50 games, which may of never of happened, at least yet.

At least in the NFL and I imagine the CFL as well since both leagues play 16 and 18 games respectfully, a ten win season for a team means they are a good team and had a good year. So when you only have one team in the entire league accomplish that, it means there weren’t a lot of real good teams. Unless you’re a big fan of parity or something where everyone is fairly equal.

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