Talley-TV: ABC’s 20/20: John Stossel’s Politically Incorrect Guide

John & Cindy McCain

John & Cindy McCain

Source: Talley-TV: ABC’s 20/20: John Stossel’s Politically Incorrect Guide

John Stossel, is someone I respect, not someone who I agree with very often, but someone who’s very honest with what he thinks and who is very provocative. And political correctness is one area where we agree on. To me, political correctness should never be a substitute for telling the truth. That the fear to offend someone or some people, shouldn’t be an excuse for not speaking the ruth. It’s not the truth that’s the enemy of civil society, but the lack of truth, or ignorance that can be.

Once you put all the facts on the table and do it in a timely way, you give yourself an opportunity, whether the truth is good news, or bad news to respond to the truth in an appropriate way. Political correctness, goes against that because it says, “you know what we can’t say that. Because some people, especially people we care about, may be offended by it.” Political correctness, is also a problem with our education system. Students every year get promoted to the next grade, because educators fear that holding that student back, or sending them to summer school, for fear you may hurt the students self-esteem.

It’s all part of the so-called self-esteem movement, making people feel as well as possible. Whether they deserve to feel that well, or not. Self-esteem, is not the answer to having a civil society nor are politicians from any party. We get out of life what we put into it, no one politician can save our country and they especially can’t. Save us from ourselves as much as they’ve tried and over hyping politicians is just an invitation for being disappointed.

President Obama, is a perfect example of that who was built as the savior of America that was going to save our country. As so-called Progressives built him as. Now forty-two months later or so, he’s now seen as a disappointment to so-called Progressives and Independents. Because we are still dealing with the same problems as a country that we were dealing with when he became President. Not recognizing that the challenges that he faced were so huge and complicated and that they weren’t going to be solved in just four years.

And no Barack Obama is not a God and he’s also made some mistakes in his first term as well. Truth is never the enemy of civil society and politicians are never the saviors of society, at least by themselves. Its how we respond to all the facts on the table and how we learn them and when we learn them, that will best determine how we function as a country. Rather than holding back certain information for fear it may hurt the feelings of others. But what we should do is report all the facts and then respond to them as best we can.

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