The Atlantic: ‘Jon Stewart to Jon Hunstman: The Hunt is Over!’

The Atlantic_ ‘Jon Stewart to Jon Hunstman_ The Hunt is Over!’ (2)

Source:The Atlantic– comedian Jon Stewart on Governor Jon Huntsman.

Source:Real Life Journal

“In the wake of Mitt Romney’s unshocking win in New Hampshire, Jon Stewart took a look at the most interesting showing on Tuesday night: Jon Huntsman’s third-place finish. After dinging Romney for making promises he couldn’t possibly keep and wondering how at this point Ron Paul’s second-place finish can still be dismissed, Stewart eyed Huntsman’s strange celebration for third. At his speech, there was confetti and Huntsman bellowing “Third place is a ticket to ride!” Stewart calls shenanigans on the victory lap when there was no victory, especially since Huntsman moved to New Hampshire and bet everything on winning there. “Even Napoleon came in second at Waterloo,” Stewart reminds Huntsman, in (maybe real?) Chinese.”

From The Atlantic

“Brian Kilmeade (host of Fox & Friends) on Fox News harshly disagreed with 2012 Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman while defending candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry on global warming. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur sets the record straight.”

The Atlantic_ ‘Jon Stewart to Jon Hunstman_ The Hunt is Over!’ _ Real Life Journal (2)

Source:The Young Turks– Fox & Friends talking about Governor Jon Hunstman.

From The Young Turks

Jon Huntsman has spent the better of the last six months campaigning for votes in New Hampshire (The “Live Free or Die State) a state that should play well for him and his classical liberal leanings and managed just 17% of the vote. Finishing seven points behind the 2nd place finisher in Ron Paul.

Governor Huntsman was going after the sane vote in the Republican Party. Apparently most of those people voted for him, congratulations. Huntsman is clearly a very sane and common sense presidential candidate: “These are the problems, this is how I would try to solve them”.

Instead of spending years debating the issues and looking for absolute power, Huntsman would actually try to solve problems. I give him a lot of credit for that. His problem however is not only is he in the wrong political party for his politics, (ask Ron Paul and Gary Johnson what that’s like) but he’s looking to appeal to sane, credible, intelligent common sense voters. In a party that’s dominated by Christian-Nationalists.

Jon Huntsman is running for President in a party where a lot of base cares more about a candidates position on condoms, adultery, pornography, same-sex marriage, gambling, than they do who’s got the best economic and foreign policy’s. It’s like searching in a mental hospital for the sanest people there, that don’t work there. Finding a couple of people who are about to be released and then wondering why there are so many crazy people here. It’s a mental hospital, for crying out loud! (To put it mildly)

As Governor Huntsman likes to say on the campaign trail: what were you expecting to find, college professors? And that’s the state of the Republican Party right now, there too many crazy people for a common sense classical liberal or conservative presidential candidate there. Personally, I believe Jon Huntsman would make one hell of a Liberal Democrat. In the sense of what liberalism really is and not how its stereotyped today.

And when the clock finally goes off in Jon Huntsman’s head and he realizes that his time is over in the Republican Party, I believe he should consider a 3rd-party bid. Not to win because that’s not going to happen. But just to let the American voters who are fed up with out two-party system, that there’s other options out there and people who think like them.

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