Night People Music-C-SPAN: P,J. O’Rourke Roasting President Bill Clinton

Political Satirist

Political Satirist

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat

Well P.J. O’Rourke once again giving me plenty of material to work with. Only this time there isn’t a damn thing that I agree with on, somewhat disappointed about that, because I do see him as an intelligent real Conservative or Conservative Libertarian. Let’s start with President Bill Clinton, I realize he used the name Bill Clinton over and over to the point that I almost felt dizzy from drinking a glass of Sprite that was spiked with a bottle of Bourbon or something. But it sounded like he was talking about Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich, or Carl Marx, someone really radical on the Left, at least in America.

I realize that before Republicans and the Far-Right learned of Barack Obama and even knew the man existed, Bill Clinton was considered the devil to them. The Satan of Satan’s, because he was a Baby Boomer from the 1960s, who believed in freedom for other Americans and not just Christians and very wealthy Anglo-Saxon Southern Protestant men. That America was for Americans and not just a group of us, but for all Americans and that freedom both economic and personal freedom was for all Americans. Which for the Far-Right, you might as well be arguing for making Satan’s birthday a national holiday or something, because of how evil and Un-American that sounds to them.

Okay, here’s a good one, the conservative idea of freedom. Hum, freedom for who and what you do you mean by that? Would be my question, because unless you are talking about Barry Goldwater from back in the day where the term Goldwater Conservative comes from, that was later followed by the term Conservative Libertarian that is accurately used to describe former Representative Ron Paul’s politics and his son current Senator Rand Paul, if this is what you’re talking about, great I agree with you that this is real freedom. Big government out of the wallets and personal lives and it’s coming from Conservatives.

But if you’re idea of freedom is freedom for you and the people who tend to agree with you and even look like you and have the same religious beliefs as you and live their lives the way you do, but for everyone else freedom is doing what you approve of and not the freedom to be an individual and live individually and if you do you risk jail time or even prison time, then no. This is not freedom and you are not talking about limited government, but serious limited freedom. The right to live the way others approve based on their religious and moral beliefs.

Just to go back to President Bill Clinton for a second, he was truly seen as a devil by the Far-Right of the GOP and perhaps Satan himself in the 1990s. Not hated as much as Barack Obama today, but Wild Bill represents everything that the Far-Right the Traditional Values Coalition thinks is wrong with America. The Baby Boom Generation that P.J. O’Rourke is from and the 1960s. And they believe America has been going downhill ever since the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s where Americans regardless of racial, ethnic, cultural, geographical or religious background now feel free to live their own lives and if everything Americans have gained more freedom ever since.

The whole statism issue the last thirty-years or so, hasn’t been coming from the center-left in America. But from the Far-Right and people who want to impose their moral and cultural values on the rest of the country even through law. “Get big government out of our wallets, so we can stick it in the bedrooms and the rest of the homes of free adult free-thinking Americans”. That real statism that is in America, but it is coming from the Far-Right, not center-left Liberals like Bill Clinton and others. Yes the Left and the Democratic Party has a nut house and their own statists, but so does the Right and the GOP.

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