Reason: Video: Nick Gillespie Interviews Jonah Goldberg on The Tyranny of Cliches and Political Discourse

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal on Blogger, June, 2012

This is what I like about Jonah Goldberg and I’ll admit as a Liberal I have a short list of what I like about him. And could lay that out in under a paragraph, but he seems to understand the differences between Liberals and Progressives at least to this extent. That he describes people who have been called “Modern Liberals”, as Progressives not Liberal. Even though like a lot of right-wingers, still throws out those old stereotypes that make Liberals look more like Progressives or Socialists.

Jonah even has described his own politics as classical liberal, at least to a certain extent and sounds like a real Conservative in the classical sense. Not someone in today’s neoconservative Republican Party, but more with the Barry Goldwater line of thinking ideology. Not Rick Santorum to use as an example. That’s what I like about Jonah Goldberg in under a paragraph. But says things that Liberals don’t believe in ideology, even though we wrote the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, along with Libertarians.

But Jonah says we don’t believe in ideology. And that we get on and put people who do believe in ideology and we look down at people, who don’t look at the world exactly the way we do. And to use Jonah Goldberg’s line, “I call bullshit on that”. If Jonah used these stereotypes just to describe people who he sees as “Modern Liberals”, people who are Progressives in the Democratic Socialist Progressive Caucus mode, then I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Because of the way he describes the politics of a lot of these people.

I agree with Jonah to a certain extent, but when he calls them Liberals and says that “Liberals believe in bloated big government” and our ideology is built around the welfare state. How we can empower the Federal Government to take care of people, again to use Jonah’s line, I call bullshit on him. Because he’s describing the politics of today’s Progressives and not my politics. And when he focus’s on big government, he only does it from one side of the aisle and doesn’t go after big government supporters from his own side of the aisle. He doesn’t go after the Neoconservatives in his own party. Unlike myself who has long enough arms to pat myself on the back.

If Jonah Goldberg wrote a book about the big government leanings about the Progressive Caucus and other modern Progressive Democrats and then also wrote a book about the big Government leanings about the Religious-Right, then I would take him more seriously. But the current track right now seems to try to make Liberals look like people they aren’t. And only goes after the big government fascist views of one side of the aisle and sound more like a partisan hack to me more than anyone else.

Right-Wing Spinster

Right-Wing Spinster

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