MSNBC: Video: Up WIth Steve Kornacki: “Michael Steele: Is the Most Dangerous Man in Politics Because he Breaks Downs the Left-Right Paradigm”

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Michael Steele is dead right about Rand Paul’s influence on the Republican Party. Because Senator Paul is a Conservative Libertarian in party that has a long history and tradition of conservative libertarianism perhaps going back as far as the 1930s. It is just with Richard Nixon in the late 1970s that the GOP sort of moved away from that and sort of became the law and order party at all costs. And “secure the area at any means necessary and worry about the consequences and Constitution later on”.

What Rand Paul is saying is that all of our constitutional rights are equally important. Including not becoming victims of the state when it comes to excessive force. That the state has the responsibility to protect us from predators and not from ourselves. But that even predators have constitutional rights and that the state has a limit to exactly what it can to protect the people. And when it exceeds those limits like using military power against its own people even to secure the area, it is going too far.

Rand Paul

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