The Majority Report: ‘Epic Debate Rematch: Sam Seder vs. Libertarian Radio Host Matt DiGeronimo’

Epic Libertarian Debate Rematch_ Sam Seder vs_ Libertarian Radio Host

Source:The Majority Report– Sam Seder vs Matt DiGeronimo.

“After another libertarian challenge was issued, a new epic debate between Sam and Libertarian radio host Matt DiGeronimo takes place on everything from Nazi’s to the minimum wage and why minimum wage increase would be nothing but good…

From The Majority Report

It sounds to me that Sam Seder was debating a Conservative Republican from the 1980s and 70s. Before the religious and neo-right took over the GOP. Who was anti-big government who didn’t want big government in their classrooms, boardrooms and bedrooms. As the old saying goes but wasn’t anti-government all together who believed in commonsense regulations. By government of the private sector like some labor and environmental laws. Instead of a modern Libertarian who tend to sound anti-government all together.

I believe Sam Seder clobbered Matt DiGeronimo at least in the minimum wage of this discussion. Matt DiGeronimo trying to make the case that if we eliminated the minimum wage. That these low-skilled workers who tend to work the minimum wage jobs would instead use these jobs. Like internships to get other jobs. Well if you haven’t even finish high school. How would this job get you a better job. But besides that what happens if you eliminate the minimum wage. The labor costs of employers now gets shifted to the tax payer. Joe and Mary tax payer and others who are simply working to pay their bills and raise their families. Who can’t afford a tax increase now would see their taxes go up which would be bad for the. Economy while employers would see their labor costs go down at the cost of the people. They need to buy their products and keep them profitable and in business.


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