Isabelle Laplante: Video: Kenny Rogers, The Gambler: Know When to Hold Them & When to Fold Them

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I saw The Gambler movie last night the, 1991 NBC version of it with Kenny Rogers and Reba McEntire. Which is a reason why I’m posting this now and I knew that I already liked the song. Heard it for the first time 25-30 years ago, but as I heard it again in the movie last nigh, it got me to thinking about how real this song is and not just about gambling, but that it is a good song about life as well.

And something that people need to know not just how to read poker players if they play poker, but about how to read people in general. Especially if they are competing against them, but how to know when to appreciate what you have which is something that we should always do. But especially when we are at risk of losing things that we cherish and that do we really want to risk losing everything to obtain new things.

We don’t want to lose things that we truly value and cherish and even need even if the potential payout is better if we were to be successful, or what we already have is so special that we feel like we can’t afford to give that up even for bigger gains. That losing everything is worst then gaining new things is good if that makes any sense. That gambling just isn’t gambling. That you need to take calculated risks in life and understand what you could lose. And then decide if it is worth losing or not.

The Gambler

The Gambler

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